Zion Crossroads

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The intersection of US 15 and 615 in Louisa County is known as Zion Crossroads, named after the biblical site outside of Jerusalem. The area is designated for growth by both Louisa and Fluvanna Counties.

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Small Area Plan

The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission is in the early stages of assisting the two counties with a small area plan for the area. [1]


  • Walmart Distribution Center - employs around 700 people.

Water Service?

Fluvanna and Louisa officials have been negotiating over the possibility of building a pipeline from the James River to supply Zion Crosswords with drinking water. The water would be treated at proposed plant in Fluvanna County's Pleasant Grove area. However, the two counties are not yet in agreement over who should pay for the anticipated $45 to $50 million start-up costs[2].


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