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Woodbrook is a neighborhood in Albemarle County, comprising the streets accessible from U.S. Route 29 via Woodbrook Drive, the neighborhood's only ingress.

Woodbrook is represented by the Woodbrook Neighborhood Association.


The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution on November 20, 1975 to add streets in the Woodbrook subdivision into the public road network. At the time, Brookmere Court was not included. [1]

Disagreement over trail

In 2009, members of the community were in disagreement with Albemarle County over a possible connection between the proposed Arden Place development and the Woodbrook community. The matter was resolved in 2010[2].

Disagreement over bridge and bench

In 2013, members of the community were in disagreement regarding a walking trail, bench and bridge that was installed on county property near the neighborhood. [3]

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