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| term_end1 = 1946 (resigned)
| term_end1 = 1946 (resigned)
| preceded1 =[[George T. Huff]]
| preceded1 =[[George T. Huff]]
| succeeded1 =[[Charles P. Nash]]
| succeeded1 =[[Charles P. Nash Jr]]
| office2=  
| office2=  
| district2 =  
| district2 =  

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William S. Hildreth
Bill Hildreth.JPG
"Bill" Hildreth (D)

Electoral District At-large
Term Start September 1, 1944
Term End 1946 (resigned)
Preceded by George T. Huff
Succeeded by Charles P. Nash Jr

Biographical Information

William Sobieski Hildreth (1893-1966), won the open seat on the city council in the 1944 election from which he resigned in 1946.[1]

In 1950, he was elected vice-president of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation and in 1958 he became president of the Board, a position he held until his retirement in April of 1966. He died at the age of 73 on September 5, 1966.[2]

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