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W. O. Fry (image taken of glass framed picture hanging in Albemarle County Court House).

William O. Fry (1834–1889) was an attorney and Delegate to General Assembly from Albemarle, 1862-1865. In 1870 he served as County Magistrate. In 1883, he succeeding John West to the sixth seat on Charlottesville's Board of Aldermen and served until 1888 when the six-member town council was replaced with a biennially elected twelve-member city council elected by wards.

Civil War

Captain Wm. O. Fry (C. S. A.), staff officer, wounded at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863.

A descendant of Colonel Joshua Fry (1699–1754), he was the third of six children recorded to have been born to Francis Thornton Fry (b. August 12, 1803) and his second wife Sarah Carpenter: [1]

  1. Francis Thornton (son of Wesley,) b August 12, 1803, and his second wife Sarah Carpenter:
  2. James Henry, Clerk of Lee County, Texas.
  3. John W.
  4. Capt. Wm. O. Fry, (C. S. A.,) Lawyer, (Charlottesville,) and Delegate to General Assembly from Albemarle, 1862-5, married Lucy J. Saunders (1836-1902) of Tennessee.
  5. Thomas V. (C. S. A.,) Delegate from Madison, 1877-8.
  6. Hugh N. (C. S. A.,) married Etta Hill.

According to the Memoir of Col. Joshua Fry, by Philip Slaughter (1808-1890), published in 1880: "There were once in the possession of the family many letters which passed between Jefferson and Fry, and Wirt and Fry, and between Fry and divers Methodist ministers, but unluckily they were burned in the house of Mr. George Clarke, and in the office of Wm. O. Fry, both of which, with many family papers, were consumed by fire." [2]

Fry died in 1889, (aged 54–55) and was buried at Maplewood Cemetery.

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