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<section begin=feature />'''Virginia L. Murray Elementary School''' is an [[Albemarle County]] [[Albemarle County Public Schools|public elementary school]] providing pre-K through 5th grade. The school is part of the [[western feeder pattern]]. Students from Murray will attend [[Henley Middle School]] and graduate from [[Western Albemarle High School]]. As of 2012, Murray had 256 students enrolled and employed 43 staff and faculty members.<ref name="factsheet">{{cite web|title=About Murray|url=http://schoolcenter.k12albemarle.org/education/page/download.php?fileinfo=TXVycmF5X0VsZW1fMjAxMS0xMi5wZGY6Ojovd3d3L3NjaG9vbHMvc2MvcmVtb3RlL2ltYWdlcy9kb2NtZ3IvMTY2MjJfZmlsZV82NjEwMV9tb2RfMTMxODAwNTI4NC5wZGY=|author=|work=|publisher=|location=Albemarle County Public Schools|publishdate=|accessdate=May 31, 2012}}</ref>
#REDIRECT [[Virginia L. Murray Elementary School]]
[[File:Murray Virginia L.jpg|thumb|right|[[Virginia L. Murray]]]]Murray Elementary was established as a school for African-Americans in 1960 and was desegregated in 1965. The school was named for [[Virginia L. Murray]] (1897-1959), a Virginia native and the first African-American supervisor in [[Albemarle County]]. Murray was a passionate advocate for education and consistently sought to improve the quality of the public education system. The school was closed for construction in 1988 and students were moved to [[Meriwether Lewis Elementary School]] for two years before returning to a renovated Murray in 1990.<ref name="factsheet" />
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The school won the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence in 2009, 2010, 2011,<ref name="factsheet" /> and 2012.<ref>{{cite web|title=Governor McDonnell & Board of Education Honor High-Performing Virginia Schools & School Divisions|url=http://www.doe.virginia.gov/news/news_releases/2012/jan05.shtml|author=|work=|publisher=|location=Virginia Department of Education|publishdate=January 5, 2012|accessdate=May 31, 2012}}</ref>.
In 2012, Murray was granted a three-year waiver from annual accreditation. The waiver was issued by the Virginia Department of Education to Murray for achieving a minimum 95% pass rate of all four Standards of Learning subject areas for two consecutive years.<ref>{{cite web|title=Two area schools granted accreditation waivers|url=http://www2.dailyprogress.com/news/2012/jun/19/two-area-schools-granted-accreditation-waivers-ar-1998751/|author=|work=|publisher=|location=Daily Progress|publishdate=June 19, 2012|accessdate=June 19, 2012}}</ref>.
The current principal of Murray Elementary is Mark Green.
The following is a list of people who have served as principal<ref name="factsheet" />
{| class="wikitable"
||2009 - present
||Mark Green
||2003 - 2009
||Andrew Grider
|2000 - 2003
|David Rogers
|1991 - 2000
|Timothy Frazier
|1987 - 1988
|Sylvia Henderson
|1968 - 1988
|Elizabeth Bailey
|1966 - 1968
|Ora Starnes
|1960 - 1966
|Otis Lee
Virginia L. Murray is located at 3251 Morgantown Road.
==External Links==
*[http://schoolcenter.k12albemarle.org/education/school/school.php?sectionid=11 School website]
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