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#REDIRECT [[Virginia L. Murray Elementary School]]
[[Virginia L. Murray Elementary]] was founded in 1960 as a school for the African-American community living around [[Ivy]].  Murray was desegregated in 1965.  The school is located on Morgantown Road.<ref name="website">{{cite web|title=Murray Elementary|url=http://schoolcenter.k12albemarle.org/education/components/docmgr/download.php?sectiondetailid=81209&fileitem=46577&catfilter=12370|author=|work=|publisher=Albemarle County Public Schools|location=|publishdate=|accessdate=28 Nov. 2010}}</ref>
[[File:Murray Virginia L.jpg|thumb|right|[[Virginia L. Murray]]]]The school was named for [[Virginia L. Murray]] (1897-1959), an African-American woman who grew up in Virginia and attended both Howard University and New York University. She became the first female African-American supervisor of education in Albemarle County.  According to the school's website, Murray "dedicated her life to the academic and religious education of her pupils, continually seeking improvement and quality in the public school system."<ref name="website"/>
===Timeline<ref name="website"/>===
*1960: School housed African-American students in grades 1-7
*1965: Murray Elementary was officially desegregated
*1973: Kindergarten class was added to Murray
*1987: All kindergarten through grade 2 students from the Ivy area attended Murray; 3-5 grades attended old Meriwether Lewis campus while the new one was being constructed
*1988: Murray Elementary closed and all students were transferred to Meriwether Lewis
*1990: Because Meriwether Lewis’ student population reached more than 600, a renovated Murray Elementary opened in September
'''Renovation Information'''<ref name="website"/>
*1960: Murray Elementary was built as a school for African-American students
*1964: Four-classroom addition allowed the school to house grades 1-5
*1988: Murray Elementary closed and its students were moved to Meriwether Lewis
*1990: Murray Elementary reopened with grades 1-5
==Principals<ref name="website"/>==
*Marc Green 2009-present
*Andrew Grider 2003-2009
*David Rogers 2000-2003
*Timothy Frazier 1991-2000
*Sylvia Henderson 1987-1988
*Elizabeth Bailey 1968-1988
*Ora Starnes 1966-1968
*Otis Lee 1960-1966
==External Links==
*[http://schoolcenter.k12albemarle.org/murrayelem School website]
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