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Sean Tubbs is an area journalist who is excited about the future of cvillepedia as a community resource.



I use cvillepedia to keep track of recent history in Charlottesville and Albemarle County with an eye toward helping the community be a better place. The site is a fantastic resource that allows me to confirm when certain decisions were made by Charlottesville City Council or the Board of Supervisors. I have covered so many meetings and write so many stories that I need cvillepedia to serve as my institutional memory.


At my office, at my kitchen table or even on the bus on my way to work. I’ve even used it as a handy-dandy reference seconds before being interviewed on the radio.


Don’t worry about having your articles edited. The goal is to create a neutral source of information and every edit is an enhancement towards that goal.

Articles created

What I like about cvillepedia

We originally created this site in order to serve as an internal way for us to track the various people and organizations involved with local government in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. Since then, it has involved into something with a lot of potential to really transform how the community perceives how things are planned here.

Interests on cvillepedia

  1. I would like to expand our references to various transportation studies that have been conducted over the last 40 years.
  2. I would like to have a complete list of all Albemarle County Supervisors and City Councilors.
  3. I would like to complete as much of it as possible

Pages I like

  • Daily Progress Distinguished Dozen - I like this page because it allows us the chance to add people who the Daily Progress has recognized as a historic measurement. Some of the people may go on to do other things, or may have done things already. Either way, cvillpedia is a good way to store this for the community's knowledge.