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Democrat Tom Vandever served as Mayor of Charlottesville from 1992 to 1994.


Vandever told the Hook in 2006 that his biggest achievements included converting Water Street to two-way traffic, allowing traffic to cross the Downtown Mall at Second Street NE, and supporting the Charlottesville Ice Park[1].

1992 election for City Council

Candidates Votes %
Thomas Vandever (D) incumbent 4,086 56.31
Alvin Edwards (D) incumbent 3,895 54.92
Virginia Daugherty (D) 3,969 54.70
Thomas Hill (R) 3,153 43.45
Thomas Plofchan (R) 2,986 41.15
Thane Kerner (R) 3,122 43.03

Voters could cast three votes, one for each of the three seats available, hence the percentages do not total 100%.

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