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Thomas Staples Martin (July 29, 1847 – November 12, 1919) was a Scottsville lawyer who served 26 years (from 1895 until 1919) in the United States Senate before his death while in office, at his home in Charlottesville. [1] Martin was most notable as a railroad attorney and an architect of the state Democratic Party machine that during his time was known as the Martin Organization, (later becoming known as the Byrd Organization).[2]

Until about 1909, he lived in the village of his birth, Scottsville, when he purchased a home near the University he would renovate and name "Montesano" (eventually to be know as the Faulkner House)[3]. An American lawyer and Democratic Party politician from Scottsville, Martin founded a political organization that held power in Virginia for decades (later becoming known as the Byrd Organization). Martin's home, Faulkner House, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

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