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To do list

I am not in a big rush to do this, but I am considering an attempt at a new template based on this one. It will do all you have here, can be called from here, plus:

  • Break up the "candidate" field into the component data as it's being used: Name, yes, but also party (w/cat), winner/loser, incumbent y/n. See use at Dave Norris "Dave Norris (D) - Challenger * WINNER"
  • Make candidate, year, election year, office all optional. See again Dave Norris, use on pages -- we know who the candidate is, on that page. Or on an election page, we know the year and office.
  • cats -- see above, others?
  • add results (template) to the end. This template and the results should appear as one unit on the page, not two separate tables.

What else? -- B.S. Lawrence 11:41, 18 February 2011 (EST)

Happy to see that. We are going to work on this and an election year template a lot today. Might wait until we get our current project posted, then start enhancing. My goal here is to move the candidate content buried on our website into the wiki. This template is a pretty Cville Tomorrow specific group of resources (interview, podcast, etc). If you make it more generic, we need to allow for other potential sources of content. --BrianWheeler 12:10, 18 February 2011 (EST)