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To do list

I am not in a big rush to do this, but I am considering an attempt at a new template based on this one. It will do all you have here, can be called from here, plus:

  • Break up the "candidate" field into the component data as it's being used: Name, yes, but also party (w/cat), winner/loser, incumbent y/n. See use at Dave Norris "Dave Norris (D) - Challenger * WINNER"
  • Make candidate, year, election year, office all optional. See again Dave Norris, use on pages -- we know who the candidate is, on that page. Or on an election page, we know the year and office.
  • cats -- see above, others?
  • add results (template) to the end. This template and the results should appear as one unit on the page, not two separate tables.

What else? -- B.S. Lawrence 11:41, 18 February 2011 (EST)