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This is the {{!}} meta-template.

This is an auxiliary template allowing to encode "|" within template parameters. It is necessary if the character is used in wiki table syntax, or if the parameter is automatically wikilinked and you wish to use a pipe to specify different link text from the target page name. In other cases it is better to use "&#124;".

This template cannot be used for putting the character as text in a wiki table; in that case, again, "&#124;" can be used.

Note that no special template is needed for "!" (exclamation mark).

This is a high risk template, and it usually cannot be substituted (see conditions for substing on the section below).


The template page states that {{!}} cannot be substituted. That's not completely true because it is perfectly okay to substituted {{!}} as soon as an unescaped "|" works as expected, i.e. after substituting the template containing {{!}}, or after eliminating an #if: containing {{!}}.

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