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[http://realestate.charlottesville.org/Print%5CVA_Print_Comm.asp?detailclause={{{1}}}+++++++++++++++++++&cardclause=01 {{PAGENAME}} record] from the [[City Assessor]].
[http://realestate.charlottesville.gov/Print%5CVA_Print_Comm.asp?detailclause={{{1}}}+++++++++++++++++++&cardclause=01 {{PAGENAME}} record] from the [[City Assessor]].<noinclude>

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CityAssessor record from the City Assessor.


The CityAssessor template creates a link to the City Assessor's property record for real estate located in Charlottesville.

It takes one parameter, which is the city's parcel ID. Parcel IDs can be found using the online records search.


(taken from the Forest Hills Park page)


results in

Forest Hills Park record from the City Assessor.

Related templates

Template:CountyAssessor is a similar template for real estate in Albemarle County.