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Candidates Votes %
Satyendra Huja (D) incumbent 4,608 33.3
Kathleen Galvin (D) 4,601 33.2
Deirdre “Dede” Smith (D) 4,547 41.2
Bob Fenwick (I) 2,539 53.7
Brandon Collins (I) 1,477 31.2
Andrew Williams (I) 994 25.0
Scott Bandy (I) 399 3.6
Paul Long (I) 7.9
Write-In 133 3.0
Source: City of Charlottesville[1]

Each voter could vote for up to three candidates.

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  1. Web. Official Results November 8, 2011 General Election, City of Charlottesville, 8 Nov. 2011, retrieved 15 Nov. 2011.