Sunset-Fontaine Connector

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Fontaine/Sunset Connector


Project Overview

Road interconnection between Fontaine Ave and Sunset Avenue/Old Lynchburg Road area in County. Expected alignment traverses the Granger Property and the UVA Fontaine Research Park. Cost includes bridge over railroad tracks.
Cost $12,800,000 (estimate)
Sponsor Albemarle
Next meeting [ November 15, 2011 Albemarle Planning Commission

Status Update

Part of Area B Study - The County, City and the University of Virginia continue to discuss the road, and most recently[when?] it was a topic of a PACC meeting.

Contact David Benish, Chief of Planning, Albemarle County

The Fontaine/Sunset Connector is a proposed road to connect Fontaine Avenue in Charlottesville with Sunset Avenue/Old Lynchburg Road in Albemarle County.

Project details

The project was one of the recommendations of the Southern Urban Area B Study in September 2004. While the road is still in the conceptual stage, the expected alignment traverses the Granger property and the University of Virginia's Fontaine Research Park. The $12,800,000 project includes a bridge over railroad tracks.

A subdivision plat submitted to Albemarle County's community development department show that Stribling Holdings LLC will build the portion of the connector on its property. A September 2010 rezoning for the Fontaine Research Park established that the University of Virginia Foundation will set aside land for a portion of the connector road. [1]


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This project was called for in the Southern Urban Area B Study. Planning is currently[when?] in the conceptual stage. The county, city and UVa are negotiating the alignment for this proposed connector. As such, the primary forum for negotiations is the Planning and Coordination Council. The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission is currently studying UVa's preferred alternative of running the road down Stribling Avenue. The study is expected to be ready in time for the November 18, 2010 PACC meeting[2].

The project is currently priority #8 on the County's Six Year Plan for Secondary Roads for Fiscal Year 2009[3]. However, the project is also listed on the MPO's Transportation Improvement Program as an illustrative transportation project, which means it is not likely to begin receiving funding for some time[4].

Project history

  • May 19, 2009: At a PACC meeting, Leonard Sandridge says the University will not pay for off-site improvements as part of a rezoning effort[5]
  • July 16, 2009: At a PACC Tech meeting, County Planner Wayne Cilimberg says Charlottesville and Albemarle County would like the MPO Tech committee to discuss possible alignments for the road[5].
  • September 8, 2010: The road will come up during the Board of Supervisor's public hearing on the University of Virginia's request to rezone the Fontaine Research Park.
  • August 10, 2011: City Council candidates discuss road at Fry's Spring Neighborhood association candidate forum. [6]



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