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Sunrise Park is a multifamily community off of Carlton Road in Charlottesville that was originally developed by Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville on the site of a former mobile home park. [1] [2] A final phase is in the planning stages. [3]


City Council approved a rezoning to Planned Unit Development in November 2009.[4] The action allowed Habitat to design a mixed income neighborhood with a maximum of 60 residential units, with up to 12,800 square feet of non-residential use.

Ground was broken on March 15, 2011 [citation needed] In 2011, Habitat sought an amendment to the PUD rezoning to allow it to expand the site and add six more units.[1] The Planning Commission approved the addition on May 10, 2011 and City Council approved it in June.[5]

The first units were sold in the fall of 2011 and the first residents began to occupy the development in December 2011.[6] Nine families moved in on July 7, 2012.[7]

Pervious streets

As part of the development, Habitat agreed to build an internal street that used pervious materials, which means they would allow stormwater to pass through to the watershed. The city agreed to eventually bring it into the public road network and to accept maintenance. However, the pavement was not supposed to have been installed until after all construction was complete. Habitat has since sold a portion of the land to a third-party for them to finish build-out. Habitat asked the city to accept the road in the spring of 2019. [8]

Final phase

A for-profit development firm trading as Sunrise Cville LLC purchased the northeast section of the property and has plans to build 22 units on the site. The company applied for financing through the Virginia Housing Development Authority, which required approval from City Council. The terms of agreement required 20 percent of the units to be made available to households that are eligible for the federal definition of "affordable", which is 80 percent of the area annual median income. Council voted 4-1 on February 18, 2020 to support the application, with Mayor Nikuyah Walker casting the lone vote against the resolution. [9]

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