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Smart Scale refers to a transportation funding mechanism that scores projects submitted to the Virginia Department of Transportation based on how they would address congestion, provide acccess to jobs, increase safety and other benefits. The project was created as a result of House Bill 2 in the 2014 General Assembly. [1] [2]


This was the first year that VDOT has ranked submissions. The Commonwealth Transportation Board made their final decisions in June.

Three projects submitted by the City of Charlottesville were approved ended funding after the first stage.

Scores were first released in January 2016. A project to rebuild Exit 118 on Interstate 64 ranked 282 out of the 287 projects submitted and the application was not funded. [3] Chip Boyles of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission said that did not mean the project was not needed, but that officials would have to streamline their application to fund it. The $146 million cost of the project had no other source of funding except VDOT funding, causing the score to be much lower. [1]

In February, assistant secretary of transportation Nick Donahue reviewed the projects with the CTB. He told them that the prioritization rankings are just a guide and are not the final say. [citation needed] However, the three Charlottesville projects were all approved with no changes from the CTB. [4]

The PACC discussed the issue at their August 2016 meeting. [5]

On October 20, 2016, NDS director Alexander Ikefuna told the PACC-Tech Committee that there was no schedule for the projects to be implemented. The University of Virginia has expressed interest in participating in the Emmet Street project. [6] In an email to Charlottesville Tomorrow, Ikefuna said there would be a request for additional resources to help implement the projects.


In the second cycle, Albemarle county fared much better. The city of Charlottesville, however, failed to secure $18.6 million in funding for the West Main Streetscape. [7] Charlottesville was successful in obtaining more than $8 million for improvements at the intersection of Barracks Road and Emmet Street. [8]

Albemarle County

Project Description Total Project Cost Engineering of Roadway Plans Right of Way Acquisition Construction UPC
Interstate 64 at exit 118 Interchange Modifications This project involves eliminating the loop ramp from southbound Route 29 to eastbound I-64. A dual left-turn lane and a connection to the existing ramp from northbound Route 29 to eastbound I-64 will be constructed. This modification will eliminate two weave movements that have been identified as a factor in many crashes. $1,000,000 $265,000 $0 $735,000 111727
Interstate 64 at exit 124 Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) This project will build a diverging diamond interchange (DDI) on Route 250 and make other low-cost improvements for safety and congestion relief. The work also includes ramp improvements, new signals and signal upgrades, drainage improvements and utility relocations. $18,400,000 $2,300,000 $1,100,000 $15,000,000 111814
Fontaine Avenue Ramp Improvements This project involves adding an option lane—through/right-merge lane—at the Fontaine Avenue exit from northbound Route 29. The project will ease current weaving issues and remove conflict points. $2,900,000 $600,000 $300,000 $2,000,000 111813
Construction of Roundabout at Route 250 and Route 151 The intersection of Route 250 (Rockfish Gap Turnpike) and Route 151 (Critzers Shop Road) in Afton, near the Nelson County line, will be reconstructed as a roundabout. $5,800,000 $950,000 $850,000 $4,000,000 111730
Construction of Roundabout at Route 20 and Route 649 This project will convert the intersection of Route 20 (Stony Point Road), Route 649 (Proffit Road) and Route 1494 (Riggory Ridge Road) to a single-lane roundabout to improve safety and traffic flow. $4,000,000 $700,000 $1,000,000 $2,300,000 111733
Rio Mills Road/Berkmar Drive Connection This project will construct a quarter-mile, two-lane road to connect Rio Mills Road to the recently completed Berkmar Drive Extended. The work will include a sidewalk and shared-use path that connects to the bicycle and pedestrian facilities on Berkmar Drive Extended. $3,800,000 $850,000 $500,000 $2,450,000 109397
Total: $35,900,000



  • Request For Qualifications Released: July 11, 2018
  • Public hearings: October 9,10,11, 2018
  • Public comment period ends: October 21, 2018
  • Release Request for Proposals: Anticipated late October 2018
  • Technical Proposals Due: Anticipated April 2019
  • Price Proposals Due: Anticipated May 2019
  • Design-Build contract award: Summer 2019
  • Construction completion: Spring 2023 [9]


Changes were made for the third cycle, including a provision that smaller localities could only submit up to four applications.

Charlottesville is once again seeking to apply for the West Main streetscape project, as well as three other initiatives. One is for improvements at the intersection of Cherry Avenue and Ridge Street that would be informed by the 2018 study of the corridor from Harris Street to Harris Road. Another is for improvements at Preston Avenue and Grady Avenue and the other is for improvements around the intersection of Hydraulic Road and U.S. 29. [10]

Albemarle County will also submit four applications. The are improvements at the intersection of Route 20 and U.S. 250 on Pantops, Berkmar Drive to Airport Road, improvements to intersection of Route 20 and Route 53 and a roundabout at Rio Road East and Pen Park Road. [10]

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