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Smart Scale refers to a transportation funding mechanism that scores projects submitted to the Virginia Department of Transportation based on how they would address congestion, provide acccess to jobs, increase safety and other benefits. The project was created as a result of House Bill 2 in the 2014 General Assembly. [1] [2]


This was the first year that VDOT has ranked submissions. The Commonwealth Transportation Board made their final decisions in June.

Three projects submitted by the City of Charlottesville were approved ended funding after the first stage.

A project to rebuild Exit 118 on Interstate 64 ranked near the bottom of submitted projects and the application will not be funded. [3]

In February, assistant secretary of transportation Nick Donahue reviewed the projects with the CTB. He told them that the prioritization rankings are just a guide and are not the final say. [citation needed]


This is the second cycle.

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