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Charlottesville City Council >> December 3, 2018 regular meeting [1]

Proposed City Charter Amendment on City Council Compensation

Public Hearing/Resolution| 1st of 1 reading | Consider a proposal to amend Section 5 of the Charlottesville City Charter

  • Issues: City Charter Amendment; Public Hearing[2]
Vote motion passed.png
  • On motion by Wes Bellamy, seconded by Kathy Galvin, Council authorized that a request be made of state legislators to amend the City Charter to allow City Council to set its own compensation. The General Assembly must approve charter changes because Virginia is a Dillon Rule state, meaning localities only have powers specifically granted to them by the state legislature. Currently, councilors make $18,000 a year and the mayor makes $20,000 a year. The range is the maximum allowed under state guidelines.

Read more: Council approves salary proposal by narrow vote | Toscano, Bell oppose city charter changes, likely dooming salary proposal

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