Ruth Harvey Charity

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Ruth LaCountess Harvey Wood Charity (1924-1996) was a defense attorney, politician, and civil rights activist.

Charity received her JD from Howard University in 1947, where she led sit-ins as the president of the Howard NAACP. Charity continued to organize and lead civil rights protests through the 1960s. A native of Danville, Virginia, Charity was the first African American female member of the Danville City Council, and the first African American woman to sit on the Democratic National Committee. As a member of the Virginia Bar, she was instrumental in the litigious side of activist movements as well. In the 1970s, Charity worked tirelessly to receive reversals on unjust arrests that happened after the 1963 Danville Movement. She is one of several people commemorated by the late 20th-century artist Frances Brand as one of her Firsts series.[1]

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