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University of Virginia: Rotunda and Annex. Lithograph from 1856. (The proportions of the Rotunda and the Annex are exaggerated in comparison to the other buildings.)

The Rotunda Annex (1851-1854), called the Annex, also known as New Hall, was a structural addition the north side of the Rotunda in 1853 to provide additional classroom space needed due to overcrowding. In 1895, the Rotunda was gutted by a fire, know as "The Great Fire," that started in the Annex.

On October 27, 1895, a crowd looks on as flames appear to rise from the Rotunda on the Lawn at the University of Virginia.

Metal capital from the Rotunda Annex

Added to the Rotunda Annex (1851-1854). Preserved after the fire of 1895, now between West Range and Pavilion VII garden at the University of Virginia.[1]

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