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The Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority (RWSA) is an independent public agency that collects, treats, stores and distributes water and transports and treats waste water for residents of Albemarle County and Charlottesville. The RWSA is a wholesale agency with only two customers: the Charlottesville Water and Sewer Division and the Albemarle County Service Authority, agencies that serve individual retail customers. Funding for operations is paid for entirely by ratepayers[1], though local and state funding is part of the RWSA's Capital Improvement Program.

The authority's headquarters are located at 695 Moores Creek Lane and the main phone number is (434) 977-2970.


Tom Frederick is the current Executive Director of the RWSA.

The Director's actions are directed by a seven-member Board of Directors, comprising

Current members are:[2]

Board meetings are generally held on the last Monday of each month, though construction at the RWSA headquarters has temporarily moved the meetings to the last Tuesday of each month.

Current Projects

The RWSA is currently in the midst of a nearly $150 million Capital Improvement Program that includes implementation of the Community Water Supply Plan, an upgrade to the Moores Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, as well as replacements of various sewer lines such as the Meadowcreek Interceptor.


Charlottesville-Albemarle urban public water supply system c. 2009

The RWSA has four reservoirs, connected by area rivers and a pipeline, as well as several water treatment plants.

Wastewater is processed at the Moores Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is located in the City of Charlottesville, discharging along the Rivanna River near Interstate 64.


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