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On May 18, 1983, voters in Charlottesville and Albemarle County agreed to institute a revenue sharing agreement between the two jurisdictions wherein the County agreed to use a portion of its general fund to pay the City, as a way of preventing its land from being annexed by the City. Under the terms of the agreement, Charlottesville stopped pursuing annexation in exchange for the County agreeing to pay a portion of its real estate tax revenue.
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The agreement reads in part:
<nowiki>"The City Council and the Board of Supervisors realize that their jurisdictions have much in common and that the interests of their citizens often extend across jurisdictional boundaries. They are proud of many instances in which the two governments have cooperated to serve the interests of those citizens, and they share the hope of a future filled with moore cooperative measures, perhaps ultimately resulting in the combination of two jurisdictions into one."</nowiki>
In Fiscal Year 2009, the City will be paid $13.6 million. Next year that will rise to $17 million because the formula is calculated on assessments that are two years old. The first payment was $1.3 million.
In 2008, Supervisors [[Ken Boyd]] (Rivanna) and [[Lindsay Dorrier]] expressed their desire to revisit the issue.  Dorrier told the Daily Progress: “The county is having rough economic times and the city has a surplus,” said Dorrier, a lifelong area resident. “This is the exact reversal of what it was [in 1982] and I think county citizens can expect supervisors to do something about it. It’s probably irresponsible to just keep increasing the amount we spend … and assume everything is OK.”<ref>Daily Progress article</ref>
Albemarle County Supervisor [[Ken Boyd]] has become a vocal critic of the plan and has called for it to be renegotiated.<ref>http://cvilletomorrow.typepad.com/charlottesville_tomorrow_/2008/03/revenue_sharing.html</ref>
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