R.A. Yancey Lumber Corporation

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Aerial view of the Yancey Lumber Co in 2007
Aerial view of the Yancey Lumber Co in 2007

The R.A. Yancey Lumber Corporation is a sawmill and lumber yard located in western Albemarle County on U.S. Route 250, near exit 109 on Interstate 64. The company began operations in 1951 and was founded by R.A. Yancey, Sr..

Aerial view of the Yancey Lumber Co in 2007

The sawmill is located at 6317 Rockfish Gap Turnpike. The two parcels of property on which it is operated accounts for nearly one-third of all county land zoned for heavy industrial use.

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In 2019, Yancey Lumber is asking multiple for special exceptions related to its expansion. [1]

In June 2020, decisions by the Board of Zoning Appeals were deferred. [2]

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