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A '''proffer''' is an offer by a landowner during the rezoning process to perform an act or donate money, a product, or services to justify the propriety of a proposed rezoning. [https://www.albemarle.org/upload/images/Forms_Center/Departments/County_Attorney/Forms/LUchapter11-proffers.pdf ''The Albemarle County Land Use Law Handbook Kamptner, July 2019'']
In general, under Virginia law, a locality may not impose conditions on a rezoning. However, if the applicant for the rezoning voluntarily "proffers" (offers) conditions in writing before the public hearing before the governing body, those conditions may be incorporated in the rezoning. [https://www.pecva.org/our-mission/communities/local-planning-resources/391-planning-and-zoning-terms#proffers ''The Piedmont Environmental Council'']
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