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==Current Board Members==
==Current Board Members==
{{as of|2011|alt=2011}} Board<ref>{{cite web|title=Preservation Piedmont - About us|url=|author=|work=|publisher=|location=|publishdate=|accessdate=18 Mar. 2011}}</ref>
*Melissa Thackston, President
*Melissa Thackston, President
*Emilie Johnson, Vice President
*Emilie Johnson, Vice President
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*Alec Cargile
*Alec Cargile
*Emilie Johnson
*Emilie Johnson
*Genevieve Keller
*[[Genevieve Keller]]
*Laura Knott
*Laura Knott
*Elizabeth Meyer
*Elizabeth Meyer

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Preservation Piedmont is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 that is dedicated to the preservation of the built environment and its setting in order to protect and create an appreciation for the historic resources of the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County and surrounding areas. [1] One of their signature events is Preservation Week, which will be held in 2011 from March 30 to April 9. The group also holds walking tours in the fall for people who want to learn more.

Current Board Members

2011 Board[2]

  • Melissa Thackston, President
  • Emilie Johnson, Vice President
  • Margaret Maliszewski, Secretary
  • Eryn Brennan, Treasurer
  • Anita Anderson
  • Nick Bon-Harper
  • Brian Broadus
  • Alec Cargile
  • Emilie Johnson
  • Genevieve Keller
  • Laura Knott
  • Elizabeth Meyer
  • Justin Sarafin
  • Richard Guy Wilson


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