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The "Our Town" series of City Council meetings are held in various locations across the city of Charlottesville. They began in 2010. The most recent "Our Town" meeting was held on January 12, 2017.[1]. The City Council added the "Town Hall meeting" public forum to their revised Council Meeting Rules and Procedures as passed by Council on February 5, 2018.

From the City Website: In 2010, Charlottesville City Council approved a community initiative called "Our Town Charlottesville" that would bring town hall style meetings to City neighborhoods so that residents would be encouraged to discuss emerging issues and voice concerns and preferences about their respective communities. Meetings are attended by citizens, City Council and many other City officials, giving everyone a chance to talk in a relaxed, informal environment about the things that matter to them most.[2]


The 2016/2017 series of meetings began on May 19, 2016. Meetings started at 6:00 p.m. and adjourn at 8:00 p.m.;

  • May 19, 2016: Fifeville, Starr Hill, 10th & Page
  • June 30, 2016: Barracks/Rugby, Meadowbrook, Greenbrier
  • August 25, 2016: Johnson Village, JPA, Fry's Spring
  • September 29, 2016: Lewis Mountain, University, Venable, Rose Hill, Kellytown
  • October 13, 2016: Ridge, Burnett Commons, Willoughby, Friendship Court
  • December 1, 2016: North Downtown, Little High, Locust Grove, Martha Jefferson, Woodhaven
  • January 12, 2017: Belmont/Carlton, Woolen Mills


  • September 11, 2014: Fifeville, Orangedale, and Tenth and Page neighborhoods [3]

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