OAR Jefferson Area Community Corrections

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OAR Jefferson Area Community Corrections is the local arm of Offender Aid and Restoration, an organization devoted to helping those who have been incarcerated to gain and maintain employment.


OAR began in January 1972, merging with an already existing juvenile court volunteer program. That month it gathered resources to start a lending library in the city jail. Its first group consisted of 33 volunteers, reaching over 100 volunteers by February 1973. In August 1972, OAR introduced the University of Virginia Adult Education Program into city and county jails. In September 1972, a full-time in-jail representative was hired. In December 1972, OAR placed donated televisions into city & county jails and began a project to improve medical facilities.[1]

Fluvanna defunding

Fluvanna County experienced significant budget shortfalls for the 2013 fiscal year, resulting in complete cuts to funding for OAR.[2]


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