Northtown Commuter Trail

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Northtown Commuter Trail
Northtown Conceptual Trail.png


Project Overview
Location Albemarle, Charlottesville
Sponsor Charlottesville, Albemarle County, VDOT
Next meeting TBA

Status Update
Contact Chip Boyles, Director, MPO Policy Board

The Northtown Commuter Trail is a proposed 14-mile commuter-bike-trail project [1]that will connect Lewis and Clark Drive in northern Albemarle with downtown Charlottesville. The trail would take on many different forms along the way. In some sections, the route would simply consist of bike lanes on existing streets. In other areas, the trail would take the form of a path completely separated from vehicles[2]. The trail is under consideration by the TJPDC at the request of the Charlottesville's Department of Neighborhood Development Services and the Albemarle County Department of Community Development[3].

The plan is seen as an important step in increasing bike connectivity between Charlottesville and Albemarle[1]. It was still considered an active plan as of April 2017. [4]


From south to north, the trail will use the following rights-of-way[5]:

  • McIntire Road/Schenks Greenway: City spending $25,000 to extend existing multi-use path. Completion expected in 2011.
  • McIntire Road Extended/Meadowcreek Parkway: In addition to striped bike lanes, this new road project includes a 10-foot wide multiuse trail that will take the trail as far as CATEC.
  • Belvedere development: This planned neighborhood will include an 8-foot wide path along the main entrance of the community. This will connect with new trails being developed by Albemarle County.
  • Albemarle greenway: The Places29 Master Plan calls for a new trail system along the southern and northern banks of the Rivanna River. A cost estimate for this section is not yet available.
  • Berkmar Drive Extended: Bike lanes and shared use paths are part of this proposed project, which is a major component of the Places29 master plan.
  • Worth Crossing/Timberwood Boulevard: This spur would travel connect through the Forest Lakes community and would connect through to the planned North Pointe development.
  • Lewis and Clark Drive: This section would continue from Berkmar Drive Extended.


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