Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

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As of 2011, Meriwether Lewis Elementary is home to 429 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The school is part of the Western Feeder Pattern. Students continue to Henley Middle School and will graduate from Western Albemarle High School. The school mascot is the bluebird[1] As of 2011, the principal is Kim Cousins.


The original school opened in 1922 and moved to its current[when?] building, located in a rural area near Ivy in 1988. It is named after explorer Meriwether Lewis.


The school won the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence in 2009.


1922-1924 Frank Taylor
1924-1925 George Eutsler
1927-1929 W. Barrett
1931-1932 E. Broadwater
1932-1941 Guy Morris
1941-1944 Robert Allen
1944-1946 Mortimer Sutherland
1946-1955 John Breeden
1955-1956 William Bullock
1956-1966 Charles Simmons
1966-1968 Juanita Chafin
1968-1983 William Steigman
1983-1998 Sylvia Henderson
1987-1998 Elizabeth Bailey
1998-2003 Jo Vining
2003-2008 Sylvia Henderson
2008-present Kim Cousins

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Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

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