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38.037005, -78.469162, Charlottesville Tomorrow
38.037005, -78.469162, Charlottesville Tomorrow
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== Notes ==
== Notes ==
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Project details

The Meadowcreek Parkway Interchange is an element in the development of the city's portion of the Meadowcreek Parkway. Preliminary engineering work is ongoing, with the selection of a final design alternative slated for early 2008. Costs for the project range between $33 to $37 million. The majority of funding comes from an appropriation of federal funds announced in 2005. This came from an earmark from Senator John Warner (R-VA).

The City of Charlottesville is overseeing the project.

The project's stated purpose is:

  1. To enhance transportation mobility for local residents
  2. To safely accommodate projected future traffic volumes
  3. To accommodate and enhance pedestrian and bicycle needs in the project area


In design and environmental review stage. This project is being managed by Charlottesville under the First Cities initiative, with technical support provided by VDOT. City Council voted 4-1 in July 2007 to approve project's fit with the city's comprehensive plan. On February 19, 2008, Neighborhood Development Staff asked City Council to spend $1 million to match a VDOT revenue sharing plan. This would be put aside to pay for pedestrian and improvements, above and beyond the money from the federal government.

On March 18, 2008, the Steering Committee voted to select Alternative C1 as the preferred alternative. [1]. However, City Council decided instead to select Alternative G1, a signalized intersection[2], as its designated alternative.

The project is currently undergoing the Section 106 process with a variety of federal and state agencies including the Department of Historic Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Steering Committee

The project's initial development was overseen by a steering committee, appointed by the Charlottesville Mayor and City Council.

Alternates: (also appointed by Mayor/City Council of Charlottesville)

Project Team: Technical Support Staff to Steering Committee

Google Map

The new version of Charlottesville Tomorrow's Transportation Matrix is being developed in Google Maps, and it will eventually replace the image below.

<googlemap lat="38.04281" lon="-78.474859" width="250" height="250" zoom="17"> 38.037005, -78.469162, Charlottesville Tomorrow </googlemap>

External links


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Route 250 Interchange Project by RK&K