May 4

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Significant events that happened (or will happen) on May 4.


  • 1982 – 5,835 Charlottesville residents went to the polls for referendum on changing City Council by adding two new members and switching to a ward-based system for four of the seats. The measure failed on a vote of 3,382 against the idea and 2,453 in favor. [1]
  • 2004 – City of Charlottesville held elections for three seats on the City Council. Political newcomers Kendra Hamilton and David E. Brown would join incumbent Kevin J. Lynch, Blake Caravati and Rob Schilling on the council in July. [2]
  • 2011 – Albemarle Supervisor Ken Boyd states his opposition to ICLEI membership and the Cool Counties initiative, out of concern that continued participation would have a negative impact on citizens by influencing their behavior. [3] [4]


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