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A Marriott Residence Inn was constructed at 301 West Main at the corner of West Main Street and Ridge-McIntire Road. The project broke ground in the early fall of 2013.[1]

The hotel replaced local businesses Random Row Books, Cat Thrasher Photography, and City Clay pottery studio, which were all tenants in a now-demolished structure that had been owned by Bob Mooney.[2]

The developer for the project is Charles Wendell. The architects are Clark Gathwright of Daggett + Grigg and Paul Lague of LLW Architects. The hotel will be seven stories tall, with two three-story wings on either side of a courtyard facing West Main Street.[1]

There are 118 parking spaces.

Council agreed to a rezoning in September 2007 to allow mixed-use building at 101 feet that would have featured a CVS at the ground level, but that project fell through.[3][4][5]

The hotel opened in March 2016.[6]

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Credit: Robert Pineo, Design Develop LLC


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′50″N 78°29′08″W / 38.030689°N 78.485548°W / 38.030689; -78.485548


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