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J. Lloyd Snook, III
2022-Lloyd Snook.JPG
City's official photo, c. 2022

Election Direct election by the public
For term to start January 1, 2024
Term End December 31, 2027
Incumbent Lloyd Snook (D)

Term Start January 1, 2020
Term End December 31, 2023
Preceded by Kathleen M. Galvin (D)
Succeeded by Lloyd Snook (D)

District Selection by elected council
Term Start January 6, 2022 (aged 66)
Preceded by Nikuyah Walker (I)
Succeeded by Juandiego Wade (D)

Biographical Information

Date of birth 1953
Place of birth Plainfield, New Jersey [1]
Spouse Sheila Haughey
Residence Greenbrier Neighborhood
Alma mater Stanford University, B.A. (Economics)
University of Michigan School of Law, J.D. (Honors)
Profession Trial Lawyer (Snook & Haughey, P.C.)
Campaign $ VPAP
Contributions $ VPAP

John Lloyd Snook, III is a one-time Mayor of Charlottesville and a twice-elected member of the Charlottesville City Council. He was first elected to the City Council of Charlottesville in the 2019 election; Council selected him as mayor in January 2022 to serve a term of two years. [2]

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Snook served on the Charlottesville Planning Commission from 1981 to 1989, including a term as chair in 1988 to 1989.[3] He served on the board of directors of the Piedmont Housing Alliance from 2005 to 2016 and as chair from 2009 to 2016.[4][5]

Snook served as chairman of the Charlottesville Democratic Committee from 2001 to 2004 and on the party's State Central Committee in 2013.[6] He previously ran for Council, unsuccessfully, in 1990.[7] Snook disavowed then-Congressman Virgil Goode in 2000 in the wake of the latter's switch from Democratic to independent.[8]

Electoral history

2019 election

At a February 23, 2019 campaign forum sponsored byLauraPAC, Snook cited his legal career as an asset. [9]

During the campaign, Snook suggested Council should work to help make the Department of Neighborhood Development Services more efficient, and should work to improve the regional transit system. [1]

  • Lloyd Snook as candidate in the 2019 election, noted some of the issues he considers to be most pressing include affordable housing, the achievement gap in City schools and local action on climate change.
To address the achievement gap in City schools, he advocates for increased funding to the City of Promise and Boys and Girls Club programs. With relation to action on climate change, Snook focused on divesting from fossil fuels, making changes to the transportation system and utilizing more solar panels, even in historic areas. To address affordable housing, he plans to support improved transportation, changed zoning, redevelopment of current housing and more streamlined City regulations on auxiliary dwelling units — extra units such as a basement apartment or separate small house situated on low-density property.[10]

Top campaign donors

Based on Virginia Department of Elections data from campaign finance reports.[11]

  • $10,000 Grisham, John R
  • $5,000 Hewitt, Richard M
  • $5,000 Virginia Realtors
  • $2,832 Democratic Party - Charlottesville
  • $2,500 Seminole Trail Properties LLC


$82,043 (1/1/2019-6/30/2023)

Snook was elected to the Charlottesville City Council in the 2019 election on November 5, 2019 in general election, placing second in a six-way race. [12] [13][14] He placed 2nd in the June 11 primary.

On January 6, 2022,[15] after nomination by newcomer Jaundiego Wade, Snook was chosen by a 3-2 margin over Councilor Michael Payne, who was nominated by Councilor Sena Magill.

2019 Democratic Primary Election
Candidates Votes %
Michael Payne (D) 3,657 24.98
Lloyd Snook (D) 3,501 23.91
Sena Magill (D) 3,183 21.74
Brian Pinkston (D) 3,073 20.99
Bob Fenwick (D) 1,277 8.38
Source: Virginia State Board of Elections[16]

  • Voters could select up to three candidate
2019 General Election
Candidates Votes %
Sena Magill (D) 8,420 25.97
Lloyd Snook (D) 8,133 25.08
Michael Payne (D) 7,816 24.10
Bellamy Brown (I) 5,736 17.69
Paul Long (I) 1,253 3.86
John Edward Hall (I) 837 2.58
Write-In 232 0.72
Source: State Board of Elections[17]

Each voter could vote for up to three candidates.

2023 election

Candidates Votes %
Natalie Oschrin (D) 8,937 33.06
Michael Payne (D) 8,666 32.05
Lloyd Snook (D) 8,548 31.62
Write-In 885 na

Voters could cast two votes, one for each of the two seats available, hence the percentages do not total 100%.


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