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For planning purposes, the Charlottesville is divided into 18 neighborhoods by the Department of Neighborhood Development Services[1]. Within and among each of these neighborhoods, many vernacular names (a.k.a. colloquial) are used for neighborhoods as well.

City-designated neighborhoods

Map of city-designated neighborhoods

The City of Charlottesville consists of 18 Planning Area recognized by the city's Department of Neighborhood Development Services: [2].

  1. 10th & Page
  2. Barracks/Rugby
  3. Belmont-Carlton
  4. Fifeville
  5. Fry's Spring
  6. Greenbrier
  7. Jefferson Park Avenue
  8. Johnson Village
  9. Lewis Mountain
  10. Locust Grove
  11. Martha Jefferson
  12. The Meadows
  13. North Downtown
  14. Ridge Street
  15. Rose Hill
  16. Starr Hill
  17. Venable
  18. Woolen Mills

Neighborhoods with associations

The city recognizes other neighborhoods that have neighborhood associations[3]

Neighborhoods with representatives

City of Charlottesville Neighborhood Representatives List, as of May 20, 2021. [4]

  1. Belmont-Carlton Neighborhood Association
  2. Burnett Commons
  3. Fifeville Neighborhood Association
  4. Forest Hills Neighborhood Watch Association
  5. Friendship Court Resident’s Association
  6. Fry’s Spring Neighborhood Association
  7. Greenbrier Neighborhood Association
  8. Greenleaf/Rugby Hills Neighborhood Association
  9. Johnson Village Neighborhood Association
  10. Kellytown Neighborhood Association
  11. Lewis Mountain Neighborhood Association
  12. Little High Neighborhood Association
  13. Locust Grove Neighborhood Association
  14. Martha Jefferson Neighborhood Association
  15. Meadows (Northerly Neighborhood Association)
  16. Meadowbrook Hills/Rugby Neighborhood Association
  17. North Downtown Residents Association
  18. Orangedale Neighborhood Association
  19. Ridge Street Neighborhood Association
  20. Robinson Woods Homeowners Association
  21. Rose Hill Neighborhood Association
  22. Starr Hill Neighborhood Association
  23. University Neighborhood Association
  24. Venable Neighborhood Association
  25. Westhaven Tenants Association
  26. Willoughby Property Owners’ Association
  27. Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association
  28. 10th/Page Neighborhood Association

Other neighborhoods

Some of these neighborhoods are still in existence, but were given new names. Others, like Vinegar Hill, were demolished and rebuilt over time.[5]

Historic Districts

Refer to Historic districts category for additional information related to history of individual neighborhoods.

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