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Leonard W. Sandridge, Jr.

Senior Advisor to the Board of Visitors
Term Start June 29, 2012

Executive Vice President, COO
Term Start 1993
Term End July 1, 2011

Biographical Information

Residence Charlottesville, VA

Leonard Sandridge is the Senior Advisor to the Board of Visitors, a position created by Governor Bob McDonnell in 2012, following Teresa Sullivan's resignation and reinstatement.[1]

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Leonard Sandridge began working for the University in 1967[2] as a staff member of the university's internal auditor. In 1986, he became the executive assistant to the president. In 1989 he rose to vice president for business and finance, before becoming senior vice president and chief financial officer in 1993. He was promoted to executive vice president and chief operating officer,[1] as well as chief financial officer for the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia[3]. He retired on July 1, 2011. In May 2011, UVa President Teresa Sullivan named Michael Strine as new University's Executive VP and COO[4]. When Sandridge was replaced, his job responsibilities were split between two positions, and President Sullivan assumed other duties, such as supervision of UVA athletics[5]. Sandridge remained employed by U.Va as a part-time advisor. [2]

Following the resignation and reinstatement of Teresa Sullivan, Governor Bob McDonald created the "Senior Advisor to the Board of Visitors" position which was then filled by Sandridge and William H. Goodwin, Jr.[1]

Awards & Honors

  • In December 2006, the Virginia Department of Transportation unveiled signs renaming the North Grounds Connector as Leonard Sandridge Road in honor of Sandridge. The plans to rename the road had been announced on September 30 of that year.[8]


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