Joseph Temple Henley, Jr.

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Joseph Temple Henley, Jr.

Electoral District White Hall
Term End 1987
Succeeded by Walter F. Perkins

Biographical Information

Date of birth December 1, 1928
Date of death May 29, 2011 (age 83)

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Joseph Temple Henley, Jr is a former member of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors who served for sixteen years. He represented the White Hall District and was elected vice-chairman by the board in 1976[1]. He died on May 29, 2011. [2]

Henley was born on December 1, 1928. He attended Crozet High School and Fork Union Military Academy and graduated from Virginia Tech. After serving in the Army, Henley went to work as a farmer and operated Henley's Orchard and the Holly Hill Farm. He was named as Albemarle County's outstanding Farmer of the Year. [2]

Henley was also a member of the Albemarle County School Board and was honored for his commitment to education in the western part of Albemarle by having Henley Middle School named after him.[3]


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