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John Paul Jones Arena, or JPJ, is host to University of Virginia basketball games and a variety of concerts, performances, and other events.

It was designed by VMDO Architects.

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Naming and construction

The arena is named in honor of the father of Paul Tudor Jones, who graduated from UVa in 1976 and later donated $35 million for the construction of the arena. His father, John Paul "Jack" Jones, is a 1948 graduate of the UVa School of Law.[1]

JPJ was designed by the Charlottesville firm VMDO Architects[2] and Ellerbe Becket. The general contractor was Barton Malow[citation needed].


The arena's first event was Cirque du Soleil's Delirium on August 1, 2006, but the official Grand Opening event was a two-night tour-ending stand by Dave Matthews Band, September 22–23, 2006. An "open house" event for the local community was conducted on July 22, 2006.[3]


In 2009, Sports Illustrated named JPJ the Best New Arena of the decade[4]


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