Jennifer McKeever

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Jennifer McKeever

Election November 3, 2015
For term to start 2016
Term End 2019

Term Start 2012
Term End 2015

Biographical Information

Alma mater Piedmont Virginia Community College, University of Virginia, American University

Jennifer McKeever is an attorney, and was elected in 2011 to the Charlottesville School Board. [1]

She is running for reelection in 2015.


McKeever served on the Community Development Block Grant Task Force from 2005-2011. During her tenure as Chair of the Task Force, City Council asked the Task Force to request for proposals for City funded housing initiatives.

In 2007, she unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination to the Charlottesville City Council. Following that, she served as co-chair of the Charlottesville Democratic Party from 2008-2010 with Jonathan Blank. During their tenure, the Charlottesville Democratic Party implemented a Firehouse Primary to nominate candidates for local office.

McKeever also represented the Coalition to Preserve McIntire Park in their unsuccessful lawsuit to stop construction of the Meadowcreek Parkway.

McKeever works as an Associate Attorney at the law firm of Jones & Green, LLP in Charlottesville, VA.

She is married to Chris Wiles and has three children, two of whom attend Burnley-Moran Elementary School. [1]

Candidate Profile Resources
Candidate Jennifer McKeever
Office Albemarle County School Board
Election year 2015 election
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Candidate interview transcript
Candidate interview audio

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Election history

McKeever was a candidate in 2011 for the Charlottesville School Board.[1], coming in fourth of the seven candidates for four seats.

Candidates Votes %
Amy J. Laufer 4,178 20.86
Willa M. Neale 3,804 18.99
Colette E. Blount 3,053 15.24
Jennifer L. McKeever 2,854 14.25
Guian A. McKee 2,658 13.27
Ivana Kadija 1,969 9.83
Steven C. Latimer 1,406 7.02
Write In 105 0.52
Source: Virginia State Board of Elections[2]

Voters could cast four votes, one for each of the four seats available, hence the percentages do not total 100%.


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