Jefferson Park Avenue Extended Bridge Replacement

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Jefferson Park Avenue Extended Bridge Replacement

Project Underway

Project Overview

increase access to Fontaine Research Park
Cost $8.4 million
Location Charlottesville
Sponsor Charlottesville

Status Update

Construction underway, bridge closes 4/4/2011 [1]

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The City of Charlottesville and the Virginia Department of Transportation are replacing a bridge that carries Jefferson Park Avenue Extended over the Norfolk-Southern railroad line that travels south from Charlottesville to Lynchburg. The bridge was shut down on April 4, 2011 and is expected to be finished by September 2012. [1]

The new bridge will be 67 feet wide with sidewalks and bike lanes on both of the bridge. The project was advertised to bidders in August 2010[2] with construction slated to begin as early as the November 2010[3]. The total cost estimate for the project is $10.5 million.

During construction, a nearby road called Mulberry Avenue has been converted to one-way traffic to avoid cut-through traffic through parts of the neighborhood. [4]

Neighborhood concerns

During the planning process, members of the Fry's Spring Neighborhood Association were concerned that VDOT's original plans were for a bridge they said was too large and would increase cut-through traffic[5]. With the construction imminent, residents are now concerned that Shamrock Road will become unsafe for pedestrians given that there are no sidewalks for pedestrians to safely cross the railroad track[6].

Project history

  • 8/15/2007: Re-scoping meeting held with VDOT
  • 9/13/2007: VDOT and City officials meet with Fry's Spring Neighborhood Association and Jefferson Park Avenue Neighborhood Association
  • 9/2/2008: City Council briefed on project, approves concept for 67-foot-long bridge[7]
  • 3/11/2009: FSNA grants approval of 9 potential designs
  • 6/2009: FSNA shown final design by VDOT
  • 8/11/2010: Project advertised for construction
  • 12/15/2010: Bids have been received and are being evaluated by VDOT
  • 4/4/2011: Bridge close for construction. [1]
  • 9/1/2012: Estimated completion time


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