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Jason Buyaki
Jason Buyaki.jpg

Electoral District Rivanna
Term Start 2011
Term End 2015
Preceded by Ronnie J. Price, Sr.

Biographical Information

Date of birth Sept. 6, 1973
Age 47
Alma mater Central Michigan University
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Jason Buyaki is a member of the Albemarle County School Board for the Rivanna District, appointed on February 9, 2011 after the seat was vacated by Ronnie J. Price, Sr., who retired to take a job in Utah.[1]


Buyaki graduated from Central Michigan University in 1996 with a degree in secondary education. He works for Gale Force Nine as an artist, sculptor and model maker. [2] His two children attend Stony Point Elementary School.

Candidate Profile Resources
Candidate Jason Buyaki
Office Albemarle County School Board
Election year 2015 election
Logo-small25.jpg Candidate interviews by Charlottesville Tomorrow
Candidate interview transcript
Candidate interview audio

Source website

Election 2011

Buyaki announced on August 17, 2011 that he would seek reelection to the school board. [2]


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