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Jackson Park is a Charlottesville park located north of the Downtown Mall.

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Stonewall Jackson statue

Jackson Park consists of 0.4 acres and includes all of the property bordered by Jefferson Street, Fourth Street N.E., High Street and the Albemarle County Court Building. A large equestrian monument of Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson, by Charles Keck, is the focal point of the park. The park also contains well-maintained flower beds and a number of benches.

The park's land was originally known as McKee block.[1] The buildings on the property were torn down in 1918 and a school for white children was supposed to be built in their place.[1] Instead, Paul Goodloe McIntire purchased the property and donated it to the city as property as property for a park.[2].

The city's comprehensive plan classifies Jackson Park as an 'urban' park[3].

At the 2012 Virginia Festival of the Book, City Councilor Kristin Szakos has raised questions over whether the Jackson statue in the park should be removed out of a concern it celebrates the state's Confederate past. [4]

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