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Jaunt, Inc. is a regional transportation system providing service to the citizens of Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa, Nelson, and Buckingham counties. Jaunt runs a sixty-four vehicle fleet that carries the general public, agency clients, senior citizens and people with disabilities throughout Central Virginia.

The CEO is Ted Rieck.


Jaunt was organized in 1975 under the name Jefferson Area United Transportation. It has served 8 million passengers. [1]

Jaunt is owned by the local governments it serves and uses federal, state and local funding to supplement fares and agency payments. In 2010, it began providing rides from Culpeper to Charlottesville in collaboration with the Foothills Area Mobility system[2].

Although in 1975, Jaunt was an acronym for Jefferson Area United Transportation, in 1983, Jaunt, Inc. was created and the acronym went away.


Organization chart from December 8, 2022 presentation to Regional Transit Partnership

On-demand service

Jaunt is piloting an on-demand service. Sheffield spent the late summer and early fall of 2020 going to various boards and commissions to get feedback from elected and appointed officials. [3]

Hollymead Transit Route

Jaunt launched a commuter route from Hollymead Town Center to the University of Virginia and Downtown Transit Center in 2016 called the Route 29 Express. The agency funded te service in part through a proffer for a section of the center known as A-1. However, developer Wendell Wood is asking that the proffer be amended. [5]

The service launched on May 2, 2016. [6]

Park Connect

Jaunt partnered with the UVA Foundation in the summer of 2018 to plan for a free commuter route connecting Central Grounds with the UVA Research Park. [7]

Crozet services

JAUNT Connect bus crossing the Downtown Mall in 2019

Service between Crozet and Charlottesville began on August 5, 2019. [8]

Fluvanna exit

Fluvanna County experienced significant budget shortfalls for the 2013 fiscal year, resulting in complete cuts to funding for Jaunt and end of service in Fluvanna July 1 2012. In 2011 Jaunt provided about 21,000 trips to Fluvanna residents and operated an afterschool activity shuttle bus service for county schools.[9]

Salary increase?

In the budget process for FY2019, Jaunt sought to increase the salary of its bus drivers from the current median wage of $14.89 an hour to $16.43 an hour. Albemarle's proposed budget for FY2019 includes an additional $142,000 for this purpose, but a $105,000 request from Charlottesville was not included in their proposed FY2019 budget. [10]


Jaunt is working with Perrone Robotics on an autonomous shuttle that will serve the Crozet area. The project is called TONY, short for To Navigate You. [11]

Greene County

Jaunt took over operations and administration of Greene County Transit on July 1, 2020. [12]

Sheffield resignation and subsequent investigation

Former director Brad Sheffield was asked to resign following an investigation by radio host Rob Schilling into questionable spending led to an audit that revealed tens of thousands of expenses on business trips. Sheffield resigned but claimed no wrong-doing. In May 2021, the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation announced an investigation. [13]

Board of Directors

  • Randolph Parker, President, Executive Committee, Regional Transit Partnership Rural Representative (Louisa County)
  • Lucas Ames, Vice President, Executive Committee, Regional Transit Partnership Urban Representative (City of Charlottesville)
  • Raymond East, Treasurer, Executive Committee, Finance Committee (Albemarle County)
  • Harold Morgan, Secretary, Executive Committee (Fluvanna County)
  • Fran Hooper, Finance Committee (Albemarle County)
  • William Wuensch (Albemarle County)
  • Audrey Dannenberg (City of Charlottesville)
  • J. Raymond Heron, Finance Committee (City of Charlottesville)
  • Christine Appert, Executive Committee (City of Charlottesville)
  • Willie Gentry (Louisa County)
  • Diane Mcnaught (Nelson County)
  • Vacant (Fluvanna County)
  • Vacant (Nelson County)
  • Karl Carter, Executive Committee (Buckingham County) [14]


Former Staff

  • Ike Eichling, Executive Director c. 1975
  • Brad Sheffield, Executive Director (2017 to 2020).


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