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The J. Bruce Barnes Lumber Company was once a major industrial employers in the Crozet area [1] but is now the site of a proposed redevelopment being planned by Milestone Partners. [2]

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The company was founded in 1985[3] and was owned by Carroll Conley.

The company laid off its last employee at the end of August 2011. [4] Carroll and Donna Conley stayed on as office employees, with the hope of either restarting operations or eventually redeveloping.

However, the property was sold at auction in late June 2012.[5] It was purchased for $1.9 million [5] but that sale did not close. Union First Bank purchased the land instead and held the land for a while. [6]

Crozet New Town Associates purchased the property from Union First Bank in December 2014 for $2 million.[7] Milestone Partners is overseeing the redevelopment of the property.[8]

Redevelopment concepts

The Piedmont Development Group had submitted a application to Albemarle County's Department of Community Development to rezone the property from heavy industrial to Downtown Crozet District[when?]. That would allow for the lumberyard to be transformed into a mixed-use community with residences, stores and office space. [9]

As part of the 2010 revision of the Crozet Master Plan, there was preliminary discussion of the space redeveloping as a pedestrian mall for Crozet. [10]

Developer Frank Stoner, of Crozet New Town Associates and Milestone Partners, is hoping to develop the property in two phases. The first phase would be a rezoning to Downtown Crozet District zoning and involve a mix of uses, potentially with 114,500 feet of commercial space and 52 residential units. A 28,000 square foot plaza space would be included in this phase.[2]

A future phase would see more residential units, but Stoner said he does not want to move forward with that phase until there is a change in the requirements for developing under the DCD zoning designation. The county's zoning ordinance for DCD allows for by-right residential developments only if the first floor of a building with residential units has a non-residential use, such as retail or office. Stoner has said he would like to see this amended.[2]

Stoner is hoping to use bond financing to fund major public infrastructure improvements on the site, including the plaza and a connector road to Parkside Village.[2]


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