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Ivy Creek Natural Area consists of 215 acres of preserved land owned jointly by Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville along the Rivanna River, located six miles north of Charlottesville along Earlysville Road. The Natural Area is open for public use from 7:00 AM to sunset. The property is managed by the nonprofit Ivy Creek Foundation.


The site was originally home to a farm owned by Hugh Carr called River View Farm.[1]

In 1975, The Nature Conservency helped purchase 80 acres of the former River View Farm in order to protect it from encroaching development. This was originally known as the Rann Preserve. Plans for the programming of the space were discussed at the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors on April 9, 1980. [2]

With a federal grant, 97 more acres of farmland was added in 1981. Additionally, the City of Charlottesville added 38 acres along the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir.


  • April 27, 1977: Initial site plan for the Rann Preserve are presented to the Board of Supervisors. [3]
  • February 14, 1979: An additional site plan is presented to the Board of Supervisors. They are told for the first time that the advisory committee has recommended creation of a foundation to run the natural area. This would become the Ivy Creek Foundation. [3]
  • October 9, 1984: Memorandum of understanding signed between Albemarle, Charlottesville and Ivy Creek Foundation for operations of the natural area (document)


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