Ivana Kadija

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Ivana Kadija
200px-SHAB kadija.jpg

Election Nov. 8, 2011
For term to start 2012
Term End 2016

Biographical Information

Spouse Brian Wimer
Alma mater Columbia University
Profession Health Coach
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Ivana Kadija is Chair of the City School Board's School Health Advisory Board -- and has been an active member of the Clark Elementary School PTO since 2008.

As a health advocate, Kadija collected (to date) over 1,000 signatures [1] from local residents demanding that city schools limit the amount of sugar given to students.[2] Signatories include Mayor David Norris, City Councilors Satyendra Huja and Kristin Szakos, Dr. Gregory Gelburd, Dr. Zachary Bush, Dr. Martin Albert, Dr. David Aller, Dr. Dean Kedes, Dr. Paul Wisman, Dr. Paul Lyons and Wayne Berry, a psychologist with the Virginia Dept of Education.


Ivana Kadija is a nutrition and wellness counselor certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is also the founder and CEO of Yourishment.com, an online food and lifestyle network. Kadija also has a BA from Columbia University.

Election history

Kadija was a candidate for the Charlottesville City School Board in the 2011 election.[3], coming in sixth of the seven candidates for four seats.

Candidates Votes %
Amy J. Laufer 4,178 20.86
Willa M. Neale 3,804 18.99
Colette E. Blount 3,053 15.24
Jennifer L. McKeever 2,854 14.25
Guian A. McKee 2,658 13.27
Ivana Kadija 1,969 9.83
Steven C. Latimer 1,406 7.02
Write In 105 0.52
Source: Virginia State Board of Elections[4]

Voters could cast four votes, one for each of the four seats available, hence the percentages do not total 100%.


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