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Creating a new page

Creating a new page in cvillepedia is as simple as searching for a person, place or event in the community. If the item you are searching for doesn't turn up in the results, you may create a new article by simply clicking the red link that appears above the results and looks like this: Create the page <your search term> on this wiki!

When creating a new page, to ensure conformity with cvillepedia's style guide, you can cut and paste this block of text into a new article:

Insert article text here. It should begin with a brief definition of the article's subject.



Cvillepedia requires citations; see cvillepedia:Citing sources. That's all you need for a new page!

Optional components of a new page continue below, and can also be pasted into new articles, below the information above, as needed.

==External Links==
<!--Use this line if there are links that are not references -->

<!--ONLY USE for personal names for sorting purposes. Otherwise remove this line-->

[[Category: ]]
<!--Enter categories to right of colon and repeat as needed. See Special:Categories for ideas. If you can't think of a category, remove this line.-->

See wikipedia's how-to for help on external links.

Optional features of a new page

Cvillepedia uses "templates" to provide shortcuts for useful text. On new pages, some frequently-used templates are:

  • {{stub}} Use to flag an article that requires more information to be complete.
    • {{bio-stub}} Use to flag a biographical article that requires more information to be complete.
    • {{Neighborhood-stub}} Use to flag a neighborhood article that requires more information to be complete.
    • {{School-stub}} Use to flag an education-related article that requires more information to be complete.
    • {{Transport-stub}} Use to flag a transportation-related article that requires more information to be complete.
  • {{fact}} Use to flag a single fact in an article that needs a citation.
  • {{unreferenced}} Use to flag an article that has no citations

Bold text

Types of pages

What makes an article a stub, a good article, a featured article, etc.? We've pulled together some criteria for you here.

Video Tutorials

This cvillepedia 101 Training Video #1 shows how to create an account and login, create an article for a person, create an article for an event, and link to other articles and external website resources.

Wiki Formatting Guide

See Editing_Cvillepedia:Cheatsheet

Using Templates

cvillepedia has a few templates that are useful for formatting text and building infoboxes in this wiki. Infoboxes can be used to summarize standardized information for companies, neighborhoods, officeholders, and candidates.
See this guide for examples and the code behind our infoboxes and other templates.

Style Guide

While cvillepedia is designed to be a community resource, we would like the content on the site to conform to a shared style. Unless otherwise specified below, use Wikipedia style.

Charlottesville Tomorrow's Style Guide, includes help with footnotes, references, and citations.



Image at LEFT generated with [[Image:SqBeaverCreek1.gif|left]]

Sample Thumbnail

Image at RIGHT generated with [[Image:SqBeaverCreek1.gif|right|thumb|75px|Sample Thumbnail]]

Photos can be UPLOADED to the cvillepedia mediawiki server using the 'Upload File' command in the toolbox. Once an image is uploaded, it can be referenced within an article like this:

Thumbnail images are supported by an installation of ImageMagick (installed by BNSI on the webserver on January 2, 2008).

External photos cannot be embedded and appear only as links. This is a setting we can change to allow certain image sources.

External image example:

External links

MediaWiki's home page