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Creating a new page

New pages should have the following elements at the bottom in this order:

==External Links==



[[Category: ]]

Formatting Guide

See Editing_Cvillepedia:Cheatsheet

Google Maps

Sample GoogleMapTest using Google Maps extension (not widget below).

Style Guide

Charlottesville Tomorrow's Style Guide

Citation examples

Footnotes, references, and citations

MLA Handbook

cvillepedia uses the Cite extension for MediaWiki citations.


Test Thumbnail

Photos can be UPLOADED to the cvillepedia mediawiki server using the 'Upload File' command in the toolbox. Once an image is uploaded, it can be referenced within an article like this:

Thumbnail images are supported by an installation of ImageMagick (installed by BNSI on the webserver on January 2, 2008).

External photos cannot be embedded and appear only as links. This is a setting we can change to allow certain image sources.

External image example:


Learn more about the Wiki Widgets on cvillepedia.

External links

MediaWiki's home page