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'''Grove Square Phase 3''' is one of four blocks of mixed-use development being planned in Charlottesville's [[Fifeville]] neighborhood near the University of Virginia's Medical Center. The developer is [[Mitchell/Mathews Architects and Urban Planners]].
This section of [[Grove Square]] site consists approximately .51 acres and is zoned MU-CH (Mixed Use - Cherry Avenue). The site is currently vacant and the plan is to build a 4 story, mixed-use building with 20 residential units and 6,330 square feet of ground floor commercial space. <ref name="walden-email" />
The Planning Commission granted a special use permit allowing for additional commecial space on July 22, 2008. <ref>{{cite web|title=Mixed-use development near UVA medical center moves forward|url=http://cvilletomorrow.typepad.com/charlottesville_tomorrow_/2008/07/grove_square.html|author=Sean Tubbs|work=|publisher=Charlottesville Tomorrow|location=|publishdate=|accessdate=August 24, 2011}}</ref>
A final site plan was approved by [[Ebony Walden]] of Charlottesville [[Department of Neighborhood Development Services]] in the summer of 2011. However, the developer has not yet applied for a building permit. <ref name="walden-email">{{cite email|subject=grove square|from=Ebony Walden|sourceorg=City of Charlottesville, Department of Neighborhood Development Services|to=Sean Tubbs|repositoryorg=Charlottesville Tomorrow|senddate=August 19, 2011}}</ref>
==External Links==
[http://www.mitchellmatthews.com/projects/urban_planning/grove_square/grove_square.html Official site]
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