Fontaine Avenue Streetscape

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Fontaine Avenue Streetscape
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Project Overview

The project will reconstruct 0.43 miles of Fontaine Ave. from Maury/Jefferson Park Avenue to the City line in Charlottesville and includes entrance consolation, bike lanes, sidewalk, turn lanes, landscaping and some raised median.
Cost $17.9 million
Location Charlottesville
Sponsor Charlottesville
Next meeting May 12, 2021 Design Public Hearing

Status Update


Contact Alexander Ikefuna, NDS Director

The Fontaine Avenue Streetscape is a project to make multimodal improvements on a 0.43 mile section of Fontaine Avenue funded through VDOT's Smart Scale process.

The project is a successor of sorts to an earlier one.

RK&K was awarded a contract to design and build the project. [citation needed]

A letter has been sent to VDOT requesting the extension of the project to Ray C. Hunt Drive in Albemarle County. [1] It appears VDOT did not expand the scope.

In the spring of 2023, the project is fully funded even after a cost estimate increase. It is among many projects that the City of Charlottesville is working to get to construction.

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City Council agreed to apply for the project in September 2015. [2]

The Commonwealth Transportation Board approved the project in June 2016. [3]

City Council authorized funding for the project in January 2017 after a public hearing. [4]

The project scored a 1.3 in what had been known as the HB2 process in the winter of 2016. It was ranked 10 out of 17 projects submitted in VDOT's Culpeper District. [5]


  • July 19, 2021Charlottesville City Council approves design for streetscape which at the time had a $11.7 million budget. [6]
  • September 22, 2022 – Commonwealth Transportation Board is briefed on cost estimate increase from $11.7 million to $17.9 million. Charlottesville had agreed to pay an additional $750,000 in local match. [7]

Project description from application

"Fontaine Avenue is a mixed use residential/commercial gateway to Charlottesville and the University of Virginia used by people who walk, bike, drive and use transit. Existing right-of-way is 50’ with two travel lanes, on-street parking, 4’ sidewalk on the south side of the street, and non-continuous bike lanes. AADT is 11000. A new fire station at Fontaine and Summit along with acting as the primary connection between 64/29 to the UVA Hospital increases the need to improve response time and traffic flow. Fontaine Research Park, just west of the study area, plans to expand to 875,000 square feet of development, and are currently at 565,000 square feet of building development. This streetscape project will improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities, safety for all users, and traffic flow on Fontaine Avenue from Maury/Jefferson Park Avenue to the City line (about .43 miles). The proposed improvements include a context sensitive approach with a three-lane roadway with 10 - 12’ wide median with some trees where median width allows and (2) dedicated left turn lanes; 5’ sidewalk; 6' landscape and street tree buffer; 6"curb and 5' bike lanes on both sides of the street; and ADA Improvements; rapid-flash beacons at (1) intersection; and pedestrian-scale lighting at 60’ oc. Reimagined access management with the project would create left turn lanes and possibly combine/reduce the numerous driveway entrances/exits off of the corridor."


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′33″N 78°30′59″W / 38.025928°N 78.516453°W / 38.025928; -78.516453


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